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Ahead of the Game works with an international network of strategists, analysts, writers, designers, and IT developers. By Pioneering Alternate Reality Games in Europe for branding and education, we won a Spin-Award for Best Gaming Concept 2005.

Founder and Strategic Advisor

Claudia Rodriguez Ortiz founded Ahead of the Game in 2002. She earned her Bachelor of Science and Master of Engineering  from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. As a researcher at MIT, she designed, developed and field tested hardware and software to collect environmental data from autonomous underwater vehicles. This was followed by post-graduate study at the Center for Research in Management at Ecole Polytechnique, where she was a Jean Monnet scholar. Her research on creativity and innovation led Claudia on a path to launch Gemini Consulting’s Product Development and Innovation Centre, and then to found Volantia, an information extraction software firm named one of Europe's ten hottest technology companies in 2001.


Ahead of the Game

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